Hofstra University Career Fair

Hofstra’s Career Center hosted their annual Career and Job Fair on Wednesday, November 28th.


Hofstra Alumni Reunite at Hofstra Job and Internship Fair

Hofstra University’s Career Center hosted a Job and Internship Fair on November 28th where a number of alumni came back to recruit for their companies.

Jacy Lally graduated from Hofstra in 2009 with a business management degree and is now an Executive Team Leader at Target Corp. His success story started with a job fair at Hofstra, just like this one.

“This is where I was recruited. It’s a cycle,” Lally said.

With the job market, college students are fervently looking for internships that could potentially lead to permanent positions. According to aftercollege.com, “unemployment rate for new graduates is dropping from the annual average of 8.8 percent for 2011 to a projected annual average of 7.5 percent for 2012.” This is largely due to actions taken by college career center’s hosting recruitment events for current undergrad and graduate students.

Given the disproportionate amount of college graduates to entry-level positions, job fairs force students to be proactive in planning for their future. The sad state of the economy can be a hassle for college graduates but also encourages them to get creative and find their passion early on.

Clarissa Soto, Hofstra alum and current Internship Coordinator for Pentacle Dance has used her Hofstra experience to get ahead in the workforce and give back to the Hofstra community by helping other students.

“I’m actually an alumni so I think I’ll always come back. I graduated in 2011 so it was cool to come back. I loved Hofstra when I was here and I loved my experience,” Soto said. “I’ve actually had four Hofstra students as interns in the last six months.

Soto found the Career Center resources to be so helpful that she now is excited to foster new talent from her alma mater.

“I want to help Hofstra students in general,” she said.

These two Hofstra grads had their own advice for current students who are looking for an internship.

“The most important thing is that they are committed to the work they’re doing and believe in what they’re doing otherwise they’re not going to enjoy it,” Soto said.

Lally added to that. “We’re looking for energy, enthusiasm and leadership talent.”

The presence of so many Hofstra alums was inspirational to currentstudents that were attending the fair. At an uncertain time, it’s comforting to talk to someone who was in your exact situation not too long ago and has found success.