Citizen Jouranlsim

You don’t need a degree to be a journalist. Traditional journalists don’t want to admit it and when I look at my tuition bill, I don’t want to admit it either. However, no matter what we want to believe there is no denying that social media has made everyone a reporter and changed the world of news forever.

 Janis Krums was paid $40,000 because he did what every journalist does, he saw a story and reported it.

 Some journalists feel offended or threatened because of citizen journalism instead of embracing the shift towards a new way of communicating. Citizen journalism has forced us to rethink what it means to be a professional in our field and how we should do our jobs.

 With information being spread every second, it is our job to be the quality control experts and find the truth and importance in what citizens are talking about. The public joining the conversation doesn’t make our jobs obsolete, it just changes them.

Janis Krums is only one example of the amazing stories citizens have helped tell. It’s time we accept that citizen journalism isn’t going anywhere and take advantage of its benefits because at the end of the day, we’re all journalists.