What Does a Professional Journalist Look Like?

ImageImageWhen I think of a professional journalist, I think of big cameras, microphones, cameramen, and suits. As we enter this new stage of journalism it seems that my idea of what a journalist looks like is fading quickly. With the invention of new filming apps, editing systems and social media, the field of journalism and what a journalist looks like is changing drastically. Now a journalist can be anyone with a smart phone.


The lines have been blurred when it comes to distinguishing who is and isn’t a journalist. Citizen journalism has changed our perceptions and the face of journalism forever. Most of us are used to associating a journalist with someone who has fancy equipment, a crew of helpers, and business attire. Now with YouTube capture, you don’t need a fancy camera or a crew of people. Reporting a story is as easy as pressing record and editing right on your phone and many journalists are having great success with these new techniques.


Even though these advances in the field are convenient and exciting, I think having the more high-tech equipment makes a journalist look more professional. We can all download apps but when a journalist approaches us with a big camera we tend to take the interview more seriously than if it was being recorded on an iPhone. This highlights the main difference between the two types of journalism we have nowadays. Even with the advancement in technology and reporting techniques, journalists with the more traditional and bigger equipment look more professional and are generally taken more seriously by the public. We have come to appreciate the traditional form of journalism and the high quality reporting we get from our favorite news network reporters and I don’t think this is something that new high-tech applications will ever change.


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